Jesus, Y'shua, Yesu IS the New Covenant

Leaders' Meeting Five

The Old Covenant was a contract...standing as a whole entity. Jesus, in His Glory, fulfilled every single part of the Old Contract - and He took it to HIGHER GROUND. Tithing, animal sacrifice, the temple, the priesthood, the sabbath rest - ALL are fulfilled in our lives, in Yesu.


  1. He is Alive, Not Dead
  2. Don't Doubt Jesus
  3. The Old Contract Is FULFILLED
  4. The Old Contract - A Whole Entity
  5. Jesus Christ - Our Sabbath!
  6. Hebrews 4 and Colossians 2
  7. Jesus Made Things More Glorious
  8. You Will See It Fulfilled
  9. What Would Luke Write About Modern Christianity?
  10. Titles are for the Insecure
  11. Let's Consider It As Scientists
  12. Devoted to Breaking Bread
  13. Higher Ground in Our Daily EVERYTHING
  14. Storing Up for Saints in Famine
  15. See His SON!
  16. Look Up and See the Reality of the Shadows
  17. Look at Your Hearts
  18. Yeshua is not a Tree Ornament
  19. He Will Build His Church/Anchored
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