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Questions from Leaders Wanting Change
Leaders' Meeting Two
The gates of hell have clearly been prevailing all around the world. The statistics in Christianity Today, from George Barna, and many sources confirms the tragic state of affairs in today's religion, to those honest enough to face it. If we want to see Change, as men and women all over the world are crying out for, we must STOP building around attendance (an unBiblical, but ubiquitous concept) - and instead build around deep relationships centered in Jesus and His Word, daily. OF COURSE His people are tired of programs and gimmicks, and they don't want more meetings, even new "user friendly innovative meetings" - but yet without His Life and Power and Depth. We all desire to bask in His Life and Love, and a Glory that cannot fade. Most can comprehend "family relationships" based on our first birth, but NOW it is time God's People be as FAMILY, defined by our Second Birth, not just our First Birth. That's God's Plan. "God's Intent is NOW, THROUGH THE CHURCH, to make known His many-faceted Wisdom... in Christ Jesus, our Lord."
Organism Life "BY" God—Not Organized Method "for" God
Leaders' Meeting Three
When man makes a machine it has organization. When God makes life, it is organism. If you consider the human body, there is nothing more complicated than that. We have genuine needs in our lives that call for real answers. But the real answers come from being full of the Holy Ghost and full of wisdom. The answers come by letting the Life of God answer a problem in one way today that the Life of God may answer differently tomorrow.
Jesus, Y'shua, Yesu IS the New Covenant
Leaders' Meeting Five
The Old Covenant was a contract...standing as a whole entity. Jesus, in His Glory, fulfilled every single part of the Old Contract - and He took it to HIGHER GROUND. Tithing, animal sacrifice, the temple, the priesthood, the sabbath rest - ALL are fulfilled in our lives, in Yesu.
It's Jesus' Church...Build His Way!
Leaders' Meeting Four
Jesus has made it clear what a Christian is and what a Church is and how we’re supposed to live our lives. It’s His Church so we’ve got to go His way.
Bringing the Home into the Church
Leaders' Meeting One
"House Church" is not bringing the Church into the House... it is bringing the Life and quality and depth of relationships we all desire and expect in our Home - into our Church Life. Bringing our big building into a bunch of little buildings is very superficial. "A hundred mothers, brothers, sisters, lands, possessions, persecutions, Eternal Life" - THAT'S what our Jesus said the Church must be. Every day. If we will deal with the things in our hearts that separate us, we can bring great pleasure to the One who died for us all, by "preparing the Bride" for her Groom.
We Are Cain
Leaders' Meeting Six
What if Cain and Abel would have had 15 loving brothers and sisters around them? We all have sin crouching at the door, and we need to intertwine our lives so we can see when our brothers and sisters are in danger or need help. If we obey God in how we build our lives together, we can see satan PUSHED BACK and defeated.
Jesus Alive and In the Center
Leaders' Meeting Seven
Jesus is alive and should be allowed to run His own Church. If we really believe that He is alive, we will move aside and let Him be the center. Jesus forbids titles and bosses in His Church, but He wants His life and gifts in each of His children to Flourish! Ask Jesus to take you aside and explain His parables to you.
Commitment to Daily Life Solves Problems
Leaders' Meeting Eight
Everybody needs help working through differences sometimes. If we come together with soft hearts and willing to be wrong and change, then "times of refreshing come from repentance."
"Falling" in Love
Leaders' Meeting Nine
Having Faith and Believing God is leaning so far back in the chair that we can't catch ourselves and keep from "falling." If we help everyone we know to "fall" in love with Jesus, then many of the questions we have will be answered in the twinkling of an eye. Let's build our churches on "falling" in love.
God's Culture
Leaders' Meeting Ten
Those who have been born a second time are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Some aspects of our culture conflict with God's culture, but we must be loyal to the culture of the Kingdom of God. To survive and flourish in the Kingdom of Heaven, we need to understand its principles. We are to serve as priests every day in God's Kingdom.
Longings for the Visible Church
Leaders' Meeting Eleven
Christ is looking for a Bride LIKE HIM! God is not going to close His eyes and PRETEND that His Bride is an equal yoke... So, Expect the Real Thing! Ephesians 5 says that the Bride of Christ will be a PERFECT, Mature, Telios, Spotless, Beautiful, Blameless, Glorious Bride - an EQUAL YOKE TO HIM.
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