The Old Contract - A Whole Entity


speech bubble representing person 3 talkingIn the Old Contract, animal sacrifice was mandatory. “Holy men” were mandatory. The temple was mandatory. The tithe was mandatory. Do we agree that if I buy a parcel of land from you and write a contract, I can’t rip off part of that contract without keeping the contract together? It is not binding if I just pull part out and wave it in front of you. A contract and a covenant only stand as a whole entity. Did Jesus fulfill animal sacrifice? Don’t we now offer our bodies as a Living Sacrifice rather than bulls and goats being sacrificed? Did God not say the Old Covenant is obsolete and passing away, and now our “tithe” is that we offer our bodies? We were purchased for a price by the precious blood of the Lamb, so we are not our own. We give everything instead of just a “tithe.” Did Jesus come and rip up the old contract? I say no. Jesus fulfilled every single part of that Old Contract, and took it to Higher Ground, Higher Ground, Higher Ground. No more “tithe.” Now everything! No more “holy man pastor.” Now a Kingdom of Priests! No more temples. Now, we are a Living Temple to His Glory.
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