Look at Your Hearts


speech bubble representing person 4 talkingAnd so it is with giving. The tithe was part of the Jews’ religion under the law of Moses. Jesus supported it. The Passover Lamb wasn’t slain yet. Jesus didn’t come to abolish the tithe. He came to fulfill it. And He says the same thing about the woman caught in adultery and the people who loved to divorce for any reason. He said, “You men who want to throw stones, look at your own hearts.” He said, “You men who love divorce, look at your hearts.” And He said, “You men who are so good at tithing, look at your evil hearts.” He didn’t come to destroy Moses’ law, He came to fulfill it and take it to Higher Ground. And that is what He was doing here, before His blood was shed. And you’ll see that there are 10,000 more questions answered, when you have eyes to See the Reality that is in Messiah. The fulfillment of all the Father ever wanted to do is in Jesus, in Yesu! You’ll begin to see many more things like that, many things answered in the Bible.

So what are our lives supposed to be every day? Well, let’s see. Because our bodies are Living Sacrifices, we count none of our possessions as our own. “Why are you in my home on a Tuesday evening, and I’m in your home on a Saturday morning helping you do your work instead of just attending on Sunday? Because we are a temple together—a habitation of God by the Spirit, fulfilling the Law of Christ. Why is there no “holy man” to boss us around and take our money and be the “official most holy person?” Because we are a Kingdom of priests—not Levite priests, but a Kingdom of Priests. We all have the Holy Spirit. And so 10,000 very fair questions, very reasonable questions like yours, are answered the more and more we see Jesus. Those were very, very good and sincere questions, and I hope together we have answered some of these by fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter. Yesu is the fulfillment of every hope and dream and question. He is the fulfillment of everything that the Father has.


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