Higher Ground in Our Daily Lives...in EVERYTHING


speech bubble representing person 3 talkingBut here’s my point: In everything He takes us to Higher Ground. You’ve already heard these brothers say, and you already knew, that life is to be lived as a Family. Life is meant to be lived on Higher Ground with the Glory of God in our daily lives.

If you have a child in your family who is very dear to you, and someone else says to that child, “You need to be part of an orphanage. You need to have an orphanage director to tell you what to do.” That child would say, “No, I have a daddy. I have someone who loves me every day. I don’t need a program or a system.”

Animal sacrifice is a shadow of the reality of Jesus Christ. Paul said, “Let no man judge you because of Sabbaths. Let no man judge you about ‘holy days’ because the reality is in Jesus, and you have Him every day.” Let no man judge you about “priests” and “pastors,” either. Let no man judge you about “holy days” and “temple worship” with two songs and a prayer. We have so much more than that, not less.


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