Jesus Made Things More Glorious


speech bubble representing person 4 talkingNow, let’s test this thought that Jesus has fulfilled all things of the Old Covenant and made them bigger, not smaller. Let’s test this theory that Jesus fulfilled the law, and made everything larger and more glorious in Him, rather than in the Old Contract in itself as a shadow. After the day of Pentecost, did John or Paul or Peter ever mention the word “tithe?” Not even once! Did John or Peter or Paul ever call each other by titles? Clearly they did not. No one was ever called “Pastor Timothy” or “Reverend John” or “Pastor Anything” in the New Testament. No one was ever called that. We have thirty years covered in the book of Acts and it never happened once. We have sixty years covered from Acts 1 to the end of Revelation. Never once was anyone ever called by a title, as if they were a “priest” over God’s people.

Did the disciples of Jesus have animal sacrifices after the day of Pentecost? They would have to, if they were committed to the Old Covenant. But they did not. Did they attend the synagogue every Saturday or go to the temple every Saturday? The answer is truly, and I’ll explain this, “No, they did not.” The Bible says they were daily in public in the temple courts and each other’s homes. They were in the temple courts, which was like a city park. The temple courts had no roof over it. It was just a large place where thousands of people could be together. The Bible says they did it daily. It doesn’t mention a “Sabbath Day.” It does not mention any “holy day.” It says daily their lives were together. Did they ever go into the temple or into a synagogue? Yes! But it was a “fishing hole,” not a place they attended as a member. They were members, the Bible said, of one another. Members of one another… Daily in the public places and from house to house…

Why does it not mention Sunday in Acts 2, when they were devoted to the apostles teaching and fellowship? Why doesn’t it mention Sunday? Because Jesus fulfilled “holy days.” Like animal sacrifice and tithe and priests, He went higher and higher and higher. He didn’t go backwards to a “Holy Day.” If “holy day” is part of our contract with Jesus, we have to have animal sacrifices, because you can’t separate “holy days” from “tithes,” from “priests.” Most denominations still believe in “priests,” too. They just call them “pastors.” They know there is no animal sacrifice, but they still want to have “priests.” They still want to have “tithes,” and they still want to have “holy days.”
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