Titles are for the Insecure


speech bubble representing person 4 talkingNow as good scientists—and that is my education—let’s test these things. Yes or no: is animal sacrifice anywhere in the New Testament? Are titles? “Pastor Paul,” “Pastor Timothy,” “Reverend Silas”…is there anything anywhere here that says that? Let me give you an example. In Acts 15:24, some men came to the church and were teaching false doctrine. Read verses 24 through 26 and listen carefully for the words “pastor” or “reverend.” Read verse 27 and see if you read the word “pastor” there. “We send our dear friend, Paul. We send our dear friend, Barnabas.” We’re sending Judas, not “brother Judas.” We’re sending Silas, not “missionary Silas.”

These men were just brothers together and did not need titles. Paul is a better man than I am. Silas is a better man than I am. If they didn’t need titles, why do I need one? I only need a title if I’m blind to the scriptures, if I’m disobedient to Jesus who forbids titles in Matthew 23, or if I’m very insecure and need people to pat me on the back and make me feel important. But the truth is that the Bible does not support a “holy man” with a title. There were no “temples” that they attended throughout the world. There’s nothing mentioned about tithes, and there’s nothing mentioned about animal sacrifices.


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