Jesus Christ - Our Sabbath!


speech bubble representing person 3 talkingWhat about Sabbath? Is it a part of the Old Contract? God spoke often of Sabbath, just as He spoke often of animal sacrifices. Sabbath means Saturday. If you want to keep a “holy man,” if you want to keep the “tithe,” if you want to keep a “holy day” to worship on, then someone please start a fire. We need to have animal sacrifices as well. It is the same contract. You can’t rip off the parts that you want and hold onto the contract. See, it says right here it is one entire contract. Did Jesus fulfill the tithe? Did Jesus fulfill the temple with something greater? Did Jesus fulfill animal sacrifice with something greater?

Colossians says the law and the Old Covenant, the Old Contract, were a shadow of the reality that is in Jesus. If you saw a shadow of a tiger or a lion or a jaguar, could that shadow hurt you? Jesus said the Old Contract was a shadow of something that is real, not the real thing itself. Paul wrote that the Old Agreement, the Old Contract, was a schoolmaster to lead us to Jesus. The reality of animal sacrifices is in the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb. He didn’t destroy the temple; He fulfilled the meaning of the temple. The temple was a shadow. The reality is in Christ. In every case He has taken us to Higher Ground. And so it is with the Sabbath. Oh, keep Holy the Sabbath. But we read in Hebrews 4 that Jesus Christ IS the Sabbath. Can we read together?
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