He is Alive, Not Dead


speech bubble representing person 2 talkingAs God’s Family, how do we come together? I understand there must not be a program, where we say we are meeting on this day, and we are meeting at such and such a place.

speech bubble representing person 1 talkingAs we have been with these brothers for some time now, they have been sharing with us something that would be a great help. Family Life is not really about meetings. It is a big problem when everything is circling around meetings. It should start from whatever we have back home. We are a family in our house, and you are a family in your house. If we spend time together, then we simply fit another family in our home. We are not talking about coming together in a meeting, but rather having our lives closely knit together. Maybe we are reading Hebrews or Romans together in our home, and we see something there that is of great importance. What we are seeing at that time maybe makes two of us decide that there is enough cause to have the whole Family come together. So we say, “Okay, I will go to another brother’s house and tell them that they could come to my house.” They could join us in the delight we are having in reading God’s Word.

That is what brings us together at that time. It doesn’t mean that yesterday we had been talking about having a meeting. We only came together in a desire to read through Romans. Maybe at that time there would be something we wouldn’t understand. Yet we know that amongst the whole Family there are Gifts which would bring more of Jesus than what we have. So both brothers decide to bring everyone together. It might be any day or time or place. Before we all come to that meeting, we already have shared Life together outside that meeting. We don’t suddenly find life when we are in that meeting. We are not trying to figure out what we are going to do once we get there. We are just leaning on the Lord instead. We don’t know all the answers to whatever problems there are. But we know Jesus, who does know answers.

So, we come together like we believe that Jesus can do with us what He says He can do. Jesus doesn’t come into our meeting to watch that gathering. He is not coming to be a dictator. He is coming to offer us a solution to our problems. He is the Head. And the Head is where the decisions come from. We are just the body. The body doesn’t say what to do. It is the Head that decides.

When we are in that meeting, the Lord is there. He knows when to sing. It is the Lord who knows what to teach. It is the Lord who knows what should come into place. Singing is a good thing. It says in the book of Hebrews that “I will sing amongst the church.” But when we come into a meeting, maybe Jesus doesn’t want to sing any song that day. If we go with a program, we would be forced to sing. It should be possible for the Family to come together and only listen to Jesus’ teaching and hope to grow. There are other times the Family can come together and not teach anything and just sing a song or two. This is what Jesus can do.

Times together aren’t to be as if we are attending a funeral, a program for a dead person, for a Jesus who died and remains dead. We should not function as a church who needs to follow programs for a dead person, instead Jesus is alive and knows what to do, and that’s how the Family needs to be when they come together. He knows what He likes and He’ll be there.


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