The Old Contract Is FULFILLED


speech bubble representing person 2 talkingIn terms of meetings for us, as the Family of God, what happens when Sunday comes? It is a day when many people meet. This day can be taken as a very special day. It was the day when Jesus rose from the dead. And Sunday is the day when the disciples came together to break bread. What are we to do with this day?

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingIt is very common to misunderstand this topic of a “holy day.” This idea is spread around the world, but let’s examine it for a moment. In the Old Testament, the Old Agreement that God had with man, there were many things. There was tithing, which is not in the New Testament at all. It is never mentioned once in the New Testament from Acts chapter 1 on. Giving sacrificially is mentioned, but not tithing. In the Old Agreement between God and man, there were priests. In the New Agreement, after Jesus shed His blood, there are no such things as “Christian holy men” or “Christian priests.” Before, there was a priesthood based on education and family lineage. When Jesus rose from the dead, He gave us gifts rather than priests. Priests and gifts are very different. Jesus forbade the idea of “priests,” “rabbis,” “teachers,” “pastors.” In Matthew 23, Jesus forbade those things. But He did something better, not less. When He ascended on high, He gave gifts to men. Not titles, but gifts.

In the Old Agreement, God had tithing. In the New Agreement, the New Covenant of His Blood, He has “giving sacrificially.” In the Old Covenant, He had priests. In the New Covenant, He has gifts. In the Old Agreement, He had a temple, and temple worship was mandatory. In the New Agreement, Stephen was stoned because he said that God does not live in men’s buildings. Paul said that together we are becoming a Habitation of God by the Spirit. We are His Temple. No “tithe,” no “priest,” no “temple” in the New Agreement. Those things are fulfilled in Jesus. He has fulfilled the “temple” in us. He has fulfilled “tithe” by us giving our lives away. And now we give more than “tithe” because none of our possessions are our own.

He has fulfilled many things. Animal sacrifice was part of the Old Agreement. Now Jesus is our Passover Lamb. Are you committed to animal sacrifice today in this Agreement? “Let’s have animal sacrifice as part of the Agreement.” It is part of the same contract as “temples.” It is part of the same contract as “tithe” and “holy man pastors.” Why not have animal sacrifices? If we are going to take part of the contract, we have to take animal sacrifice. But now we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice. Now Jesus is our Passover Lamb, who is slain before the foundations of the earth. He has, in His Glory, fulfilled the Old Agreement, the Old Contract. Part of that agreement was animal sacrifice. Do we agree that we are in a different covenant than animal sacrifice? Do we agree?

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