You Will See It Fulfilled


speech bubble representing person 4 talkingPlease read Acts 2:42-47. Now if the teaching of Jesus included a “holy day,” it would be in this passage. There were 3,000 new baby Christians devoted to the apostles’ teaching. Did the apostles’ teaching include moving the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday? If so, it would be here in this passage. They were all together devoted to the apostles teaching, and what we read here is the product of it. We’ll read it together. Look carefully for animal sacrifice. Is that part of the New Contract? If so, it would be here. Do you see “holy man priests-pastors” in charge of everyone, like in the Old Testament? If so, it would be here. If the apostles taught “tithing” like the Old Contract, the Old Agreement, it would probably show up here. And if the apostles’ teaching and 3,000 new Christians also had a “holy day,” it would be here.

In our world, we center on a “holy day” and a “priest” called a “pastor” and a “tithe.” We skip animal sacrifice and try to hold onto everything else. I promise you when we read this passage about 3,000 new baby Christians, it will take only five or six verses for you to see “tithes” fulfilled on Higher Ground. You will see “temple” fulfilled—the Habitation of God in His People—all in these few verses. You will see a priesthood of Believers who now have gifts instead of a “holy man” over the top of them. You will see animal sacrifice fulfilled by the blood of Jesus, and men and women offering the parts of their body as a Living Sacrifice. And you will see a “holy day” poof! Vanish!

All of these men and women were devoted Jews. They all understood “holy day.” But they found out very quickly that they had come into a fulfillment of the Sabbath Rest of Jesus Christ in their lives. In five verses you will see the fulfillment of the Old Covenant with a bunch of people who had grown up being Jews and thought about all the Old Testament things, and now they found the Reality in Christ rather than the shadow that is in the Old Contract. So let’s read these few verses and find the fulfillment of the “tithe,” the fulfillment of the “temple,” the fulfillment of the “priesthood,” and the fulfillment of the Sabbath. In these five or six verses, let’s also find the fulfillment of animal sacrifice in the sacrifice of our lives.
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