Organism Life "BY" God—Not Organized Method "for" God

Leaders' Meeting Three

When man makes a machine it has organization. When God makes life, it is organism. If you consider the human body, there is nothing more complicated than that. We have genuine needs in our lives that call for real answers. But the real answers come from being full of the Holy Ghost and full of wisdom. The answers come by letting the Life of God answer a problem in one way today that the Life of God may answer differently tomorrow.


  1. Together Because of Our Love
  2. No Man Is Above His Teacher
  3. We Need the Children
  4. Koinonia Means Intertwined Lives
  5. As We Rise Up, Sit Down, and Walk Along the Way
  6. Your Life Is Not Your Fortress
  7. This Is HOW...
  8. Church Is NOT Attendance Based
  9. The Proof of the Spirit Inside
  10. Rocks Don't Crave Milk
  11. Bring Out Biblical Christianity
  12. His Life Is Built, Not Found
  13. Traditions Nullify God's Word
  14. Example of Family
  15. Decisions to Open Our Hearts
  16. Organism Not Organized
  17. Organization Is Rooted in Fear
  18. Organisms Adapt, Machines Can't
  19. Trust God, Don't Grab Hagar
  20. God's "Program"—Men Full of the Holy Ghost
  21. An Example of God's Adaptability
  22. MANY Sons to Glory
  23. Family Responds Out of Relationship
  24. Daddies Nurture, They Don't Own
  25. Protecting Lambs from Wolves
  26. The Master Architect
  27. Mixture Makes "Lukewarm"
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