"Falling" in Love

Leaders' Meeting Nine

Having Faith and Believing God is leaning so far back in the chair that we can't catch ourselves and keep from "falling." If we help everyone we know to "fall" in love with Jesus, then many of the questions we have will be answered in the twinkling of an eye. Let's build our churches on "falling" in love.


  1. Praising Him
  2. A Brother Now Free
  3. Jesus Knows What We Need
  4. What Must We Do to Be Saved?
  5. Lean Back in the Chair
  6. Biblical Faith Defined - Letting GO
  7. HIS SPIRIT - For Those Who Believe
  8. Confessing HIM
  9. FALL in Love with Y'shua
  10. Question About Corporate Prayer
  11. Where Two or Three Are Gathered
  12. Melting Daddy's Heart
  13. Question about Paradise
  14. False Doctrines: Origins and a Solution


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