It's Jesus' Church...Build His Way!

Leaders' Meeting Four

Jesus has made it clear what a Christian is and what a Church is and how we’re supposed to live our lives. It’s His Church so we’ve got to go His way.


  1. It Only Takes a Day
  2. No More Pretending
  3. Ambassadors Represent God's Government
  4. If You Love Someone, You'll Intervene
  5. It's a Covenant Thing
  6. Does Jesus Resonate?
  7. Giving Away Fellowship
  8. Hold Out for Reality
  9. The Body of Christ is about Teamwork
  10. Redefining Terms
  11. Plant the Vision
  12. Offer the Doorways
  13. Learning Happens Organically
  14. Children Who are Whole
  15. Intertwined Lives Solves Problems
  16. Everyone is Devoted to Jesus
  17. Building on a Faulty Foundation
  18. Answer Questions with Questions
  19. What Do You Call Yourself?
  20. No Longer Slaves to Sentimentality
  21. Do You Celebrate Birthdays?
  22. The Seed GROWS in Believers
  23. Fly Above It All - No Compromise
  24. Love is What We Do
  25. A Woman's Beautiful Spirit
  26. A Sister's Delicate Way
  27. Honoring Headship
  28. Sharing Life as a Family
  29. Extra Plates for Messiah
  30. Anointing - Jesus is Our Leader
  31. Liberty in Relational Organic Christianity (part 1)
  32. Liberty in Relational Organic Christianity (part 2)
  33. Traditions Nullify the Word of God
  34. Hope in the Blood of the Lamb
  35. HOW All Men Will Know
  36. Family: Defined by Love Relationship
  37. All the Way to Glory - EVERYONE
  38. No Distinction Other Than Jesus
  39. Supernatural and Anointed Teaching
  40. The Gifts are Essential
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