Bringing the Home into the Church

Leaders' Meeting One

"House Church" is not bringing the Church into the House... it is bringing the Life and quality and depth of relationships we all desire and expect in our Home - into our Church Life. Bringing our big building into a bunch of little buildings is very superficial. "A hundred mothers, brothers, sisters, lands, possessions, persecutions, Eternal Life" - THAT'S what our Jesus said the Church must be. Every day. If we will deal with the things in our hearts that separate us, we can bring great pleasure to the One who died for us all, by "preparing the Bride" for her Groom.


  1. Church in the Home? Or at Home in the Church?
  2. A Hundred Mothers, Brothers...Intimate Relationships
  3. Asking the "Little" Questions
  4. Joined and Knit As Family
  5. Second-Birth Family
  6. Jesus Lives in YOU! You're Responsible
  7. Time to Listen and Change
  8. Squishing Your Bubbles Together
  9. People Don't Want More Meetings
  10. Treasure in Earthen Vessels
  11. Compromise Never Wins a Soul for Jesus
  12. It's a Lifestyle
  13. Merge Your Worlds Together
  14. A Mosaic - Believers Intertwined
  15. You Have to Decide
  16. Build a Life From Small Choices TODAY
  17. Doorway Into Glory
  18. No Discount Pearl
  19. Love Provides Fuel to Obey
  20. Love People Into Greatness
  21. Helping Others With Sin
  22. Helping Others Grow Up
  23. LOVE Seeks Another's Best Interest
  24. We All Make Wrong Turns
  25. Violin John? Violin Amy? (No Religious Titles)
  26. No Boss of the Meeting
  27. Inherited from the Catholics
  28. Brother Fred Is Still a Title
  29. Respect Doesn't Need a Title
  30. The Culture of the Kingdom of God
  31. Take a Chance
  32. Functional Titles vs Religious Titles
  33. Becoming All Things to All Men
  34. Children Need Us, Not Programs
  35. The Greatest Love of All
  36. Swallow God's Medicine
  37. Giving Our Lives
  38. One Day Friendships?
  39. Expressing Gratitude
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