Questions from Leaders Wanting Change

Leaders' Meeting Two

The gates of hell have clearly been prevailing all around the world. The statistics in Christianity Today, from George Barna, and many sources confirms the tragic state of affairs in today's religion, to those honest enough to face it. If we want to see Change, as men and women all over the world are crying out for, we must STOP building around attendance (an unBiblical, but ubiquitous concept) - and instead build around deep relationships centered in Jesus and His Word, daily. OF COURSE His people are tired of programs and gimmicks, and they don't want more meetings, even new "user friendly innovative meetings" - but yet without His Life and Power and Depth. We all desire to bask in His Life and Love, and a Glory that cannot fade. Most can comprehend "family relationships" based on our first birth, but NOW it is time God's People be as FAMILY, defined by our Second Birth, not just our First Birth. That's God's Plan. "God's Intent is NOW, THROUGH THE CHURCH, to make known His many-faceted Wisdom... in Christ Jesus, our Lord."


  1. Greetings
  2. Living on a Radioactive Dump
  3. The Gates of Hell Were Prevailing
  4. No More Building Around Attendance
  5. We Don't Need Refunds
  6. We're Family - Not "House Church" or "Commune"
  7. Small Meetings Won't Solve Everything
  8. How Do You Avoid Doctrinal Problems?
  9. Many Problems are Unnecessary
  10. No Programs, Marketing, or Censuses
  11. Listening for Anointing
  12. Let the First One Sit Down
  13. Laying Down Our Chicken
  14. Giving Up Titles
  15. You Don't Donate to Your Family
  16. Bible Colleges?
  17. Jesus' Life With the Twelve
  18. We've Been Brain-dirtied
  19. Birthing Bad Babies
  20. Overcoming Distance
  21. Resolving Differences Quickly
  22. Build According to the Standard of Jesus
  23. How Do You Birth Isaac?
  24. Tenth-Making Without the "H"
  25. Being a Family Solves So Many Dilemmas
  26. No Compromising
  27. The Role of Missions?
  28. Giving 1
  29. Giving 2
  30. The Three Feasts
  31. Financing?
  32. Honest Hearts--Thankful and Perplexed
  33. Food Becomes Part of You
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