We Are Cain

Leaders' Meeting Six

What if Cain and Abel would have had 15 loving brothers and sisters around them? We all have sin crouching at the door, and we need to intertwine our lives so we can see when our brothers and sisters are in danger or need help. If we obey God in how we build our lives together, we can see satan PUSHED BACK and defeated.


  1. Daily Family-Life
  2. Hebrews 1
  3. Sin Is Crouching at the Door in All of Our Lives
  4. Totally Intertwined In Each Other's Lives
  5. We Must Love Our Brothers
  6. Inviting Brothers and Sisters In to Overcome Sin
  7. Make a Decision to Ask for Help
  8. Gathering Around the Fire Inside of Each Other
  9. What a Marvelous Man Is Jesus


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