Praising Him


speech bubble representing person 1 talkingThe song we were just singing talks about Jesus being a Wonderful Redeemer who has redeemed us. No matter where we come from, we are all one through the Blood of Jesus as we are together in this place. We are friends and sons and daughters together because of God. We are not here to attend something but just to be friends.

We want to know each other so we can open up our lives to each other. We can share our problems and give to each other the truth about what we need to know. No one wants to rob the meeting. We just want to be God’s Family together, just as we are family in our homes with each other and our children. When we are in our homes, we run around laughing with each other. We help each other too, and we can do the same thing here. There’s no difference. Jesus is alive when we are there and He is alive here too.

When we are together, we can know each other and love each other. As friends in Jesus, we can tell each other who we are and what we expect from Jesus. We can ask and talk about the things that are difficult for us. That’s what the Family of Jesus is all about.
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