Question About Corporate Prayer


speech bubble representing person 1 talkingA brother here was talking with me about a question he had. I talked with him about it and told him what I knew. For the sake of the other souls here, perhaps we can talk about it more and see if these other brothers have something to express.

He wanted to know about corporate prayer. To him it seemed that every time we prayed to the Lord, it always happened after singing two or three songs. First we praise with singing, and then we ask something of the Lord—every time. So, we want to find out how to pray when the Church comes together in a situation like we have right now.

speech bubble representing person 4 talkingIn your family in your house, how do you pray? Does everyone stand up? Do you always sing two songs beforehand? Or is there more reality to it than that? If we have a need, we talk to Father together about our need. We recognize what He’s done for us, so together we tell Him, “Thank You.” That’s how it works in a family, and it should be no different just because the larger Family is in the same room. This is a Family, and we are just in a large living room. Our prayer together should be no different here than it would be if we were at home with fewer people.

The same is true with the songs that we sing. Because all the people are together at one time, does that mean we automatically sing two or three songs? Not necessarily. In my household with my children and my wife, we may sing a song because we want to express gratitude. Or maybe we want to remind each other of how good Jesus is. Or we might not sing a song at all, but we only pray. Often we will pray because there are needs and because our gratitude is genuine. But it will not ever look the same way every day.

So, when we are together with a larger Family and pulled together into a larger living room, it is the same. We care about each other, and we express our hearts to God. We remind each other of how good He is. When we know there is a need, we ask Father to help meet that need. It’s not “corporate prayer” as much as it is a Family discussing things that matter with each other and with God. Simple.
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