Jesus Knows What We Need


speech bubble representing person 3 talkingIt was very good 2000 years ago when the people would come to listen to what Jesus had to share with them. They were not coming to hear a sermon. He was not going around to the towns and villages with a King James in his armpit. Jesus was there to offer help whenever it was necessary. And so today it is not for one man to throw out a sermon to us. Jesus wants to be a help to us and to be the Head amongst us and we should be as His body.

Whenever we come together like this, Jesus knows exactly what we need. It is not preaching that we need or good singing. We already know exactly what the problems are inside and that’s what we can tell Jesus and one another. He came into this world to destroy the works of the devil. So if we know anything that is not from Jesus that has been in our lives, then we should say so. Jesus is here before us and wants to hear facts. What is it that any of us are struggling with? What is it that we want to learn, but we don’t know it yet? What is one of the things that has happened that we can encourage each other with? That’s why the Family comes together in times like this.

Whenever we are in our homes, we open up our lives to each other. We share our problems, joys and hardships. We press into one another and pray for one another. We admonish our children and guide them. This is exactly what Jesus wants to do when He comes. He is the delight for each and every one of us here. The brothers are here not to glory in giving a sermon. They came because they love us and want to see us and be with us. That’s all, so there’s no fear.

It is even good at times to talk about our mistakes. That’s a way that others can know that we need something. If we don’t ever show our mistakes, our friends feel like everything is okay. We should say it if something is wrong. Then we can get help and maybe others that hear will be helped too. So maybe there is some way that God will be pleased today.
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