A Brother Now Free


speech bubble representing person 2 talkingPerhaps some of you have known of the death of someone in the Family of God. We have used the phrase, “We have lost our dear brother or our dear sister.” But the truth is that those are the words people use in the religious world and we do not have to use them. Jesus was from heaven and born into this world from outside of this world. Since He is the firstborn of a generation of children, then when one of our brothers or sisters dies, they are not “lost” to us, but are now in the way of the Son. They are with Jesus.

I am telling you this because one of our dear brothers passed away yesterday. Some of the brothers and sisters will be leaving, and we will not see their faces here this morning or tomorrow so they can go help others with this news.

We don’t want to ignore what has happened to our dear brothers when they are no longer here but are now in the way of the Son. Some of you knew him and may remember that he was supposed to travel with some other brothers about four days ago. That was the day it happened.

There is something that has really touched me about his life. He was about seventy or eighty years of age and a very dedicated old man. He was introduced to the Kingdom of God only three months ago here in this city by one of the disciples. He told me that he had belonged to the Jehovah Witness religion for all of his life. But when the Kingdom of God was introduced to him, he said, “This is good news and enough for me that I can now leave this old life.” That’s wonderful indeed, isn’t it? He became Jesus’ person and came back to where he belonged. So maybe you can see that the soul we are talking about right now is very precious to us.

Sometimes when we hear about the dead, we have a different feeling than that. We may not be sure they are with Jesus. But with the man I’m talking about right now you can see that we are confident he was in the will of the Lord and so we believe he is with Him now. I know for sure that it can be the same for everyone here who is hearing about the Kingdom of God for the first time.


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