Hebrews 1


speech bubble representing person 5 talkingIn Hebrews 1, the Bible tells us that God has given the Kingdom to His Son. Jesus Christ is the Head of the Kingdom and everything is now given unto Him. So Jesus indeed inherited the Kingdom because it belongs to the Father. In the same way, all the provisions that belong to me also belong to each of my brothers here. That is what the first Church was. In the first century it was very powerful because all the people were willing to give up their provisions and their lives. They were a living expression and indeed their lives belonged to one another.

In this generation, God is expecting of us also to do what was happening in the first century. When Jesus was given the Kingdom from the Father, He invited us to be the testimony of the Kingdom of His Father. I cannot by myself resist the devil and the world, but in the Kingdom, where we live together, we can overcome the world. So relationships with each other are very important indeed. It is something that always scares the kingdom of the devil.

My management of work cannot destroy the works of the devil. My good presentations of speech or excellence with the Word of God cannot do anything to scare the kingdom of the devil. It is your life and my life together that can scare the evil ones. Jesus is expecting this from us so that in togetherness with Him we can destroy all the works of the devil.

Why has God brought all these things to us? Why has He touched and gifted us at this time, in this moment? Perhaps He has sensed our lives are difficult and He wants to bring us together in the way of Heaven. Our brothers are trying to teach us about these things as they are meant to be. This is what the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is all about. He led us in talking about His Word today. We have a lot of similarities, but unless we can put all these things together, we can never destroy the works of the devil. We need to have a certain life that separates us from the people of the world.


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