Daily Family-Life


speech bubble representing person 4 talkingThe things Jacob was just talking about are very, very important. Without daily Family-Life, we aren’t really expressing the Life of Jesus, and we can’t really help each other. Being together as Family every day is important. But being together in a large gathering like this every day is not what I mean.

Where we live, many Christians live very near each other. But times when the whole Church is together are not very frequent. Our relationships with each other are not defined in that way. Most of our time together is simply living daily life together, whether it’s in a house for a meal, or going to market together. Or we may work on the house, or in the garden, or teach the children together, or play games with the children together. It’s about living life together as one big Family. Sometimes three families are together and other times twenty families are together. But the bottom line is that we are living life together with each other every day.

That gives us the chance to see each other and care about each other. It also gives us the chance to know what is in our brother’s heart. Because when I’m with my brother often, he knows my heart. He knows my attitudes and what is important to me. He knows what makes me concerned or afraid or worried or glad. And he can help me find Jesus in all of those things. He can help me change if I need to. It’s not just a “teaching” that he gives me, but instead he gives me his insight because he can see into my life. And that’s what I give to him too.

But that cannot happen unless we are together often. In a large meeting, it’s difficult to talk about all that is happening inside of me. But while I’m kicking a soccer ball with the children, I can open up with a brother. While two sisters are going to market, they can open up with each other. That together-life can happen every day. And for us, it does happen every day.

speech bubble representing person 6 talkingI have an illustration or a picture to help describe what he just said. Do we all know what chocolate cake with sweet icing on the top is? Yes? Ok. Our life together daily is like the cake, and our meetings are like the icing. Can you eat cake without icing? Yes, and it will fill you. But if you tried to survive on the icing only, it would be too sweet and after a while you would get sick. We can live on cake with a little icing, but we can’t live on a lot of icing and only a little cake. Our meetings are to be sweet, but they go on top of our life.

speech bubble representing person 4 talkingSo the real testimony of Jesus is not just in the words that we speak. Our lives are meant to be a testimony of Jesus in the market and in the fields. The real picture of Jesus is the Life we live together. That is the picture of Jesus for the world. The sisters and the children at the market together is the picture of Jesus that the world needs.


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