Intertwined Lives Solves Problems


speech bubble representing person 4 talkingI’m not qualified enough to home school.

speech bubble representing person 1 talkingProbably only one out of every ten of our mothers is qualified. But when it’s teamwork, all of a sudden there’s synergy.

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingWhen you have even two guys intertwined in each other’s lives, it helps. I’m not qualified to work with the small ones. It’s just too much for me. But give me the older ones and the teens and then I’m worth something. I think our place is helping one another and leading in the places where we are strong. With my daughter, she is young and I can take care of her, but in the teaching part and academically helping her, I need input. I’m not able to do that so well.

speech bubble representing person 1 talkingSure, but in an organic environment, even if you wouldn’t feel qualified to input a lot academically, you could still sit alongside the table and listen in. Maybe you’d say, “Did you know that the Kingdom of God is like this wheat field over here?” You’re able to input with the spiritual overviews and the parables.

You’re able to weave in character lessons. If one of the children is acting up a little bit you can go over and quietly put your hand on their shoulder. Then you just keep listening, not saying a word, and they feel your presence.

There are so many things we all can contribute, even if it’s not the direct communication of an educational principle to a seven-year-old. But again, all of that only “works” if our lives are intertwined. If we don’t really know each other and we’re not involved with each other, then we’re only guessing. If we just attend each other, then it doesn’t work. It’s got to be a hundred mothers, brothers, and sisters.

Intertwined lives in Jesus is a beautiful thing. It solves problems with housekeeping, and it solves problems with home repair. It solves problems with educating our children. It solves problems with music, because some can and some can’t…..

speech bubble representing person 4 talkingAnd some want to :)

speech bubble representing person 1 talkingBut we all need it. :) “We being many are one” solves so many problems—every practical problem you can think of. There’s the cost of the pearl of laying down our lives for each other every day, but the benefits exceed by a hundredfold all the things that we could never have done alone.

For example, there will be a new double CD of music out in the next couple of months that a lot of people have been pouring their hearts into. Not everybody has to be involved, but everybody benefits from it. It’s the same with raising and educating our children and doing music and website work and whatever else.

We have half a dozen people that are very talented artists (or at least pretty talented. :)). They teach the children the principles and encourage them in drawing, and then it shows up on a cover of The Day of Small Beginnings or someplace else.

Things like that keep cycling through and cycling through and you look around after a decade and say, “I didn’t do anything. I barely contributed my part.” You get to see how the synergy of life multiplies everybody’s efforts by ten.

None of us could have done any of it alone and none of us were very good at the part we did do. But there’s something about how it all intertwines—again, it’s just the synergy of life—with everybody pulling their weight, and it turns into something that none of us could have done on our own. Whether it is the children’s education, or their character lessons, or their spiritual understanding at age 12 in the temple courts like Jesus, it almost happens by accident. There’s not that much effort to it anymore, yet the product is pretty good.

If any of us had to do it on our own, we’d all be dead. No way could we pull it off. We’d all be failures. Well, God didn’t mean for us to function alone. It would be like throwing your hand on the table and telling it to do something. It’s perfectly designed to do what it does only if it’s connected to your forearm. And that’s how it is with all of us. We each have something that we’re perfectly designed for. But if we’re not connected on a daily basis, then we’re a bunch of limbs lying around on the floor trying to function and do our part, but for some reason it never really works.

If we start a few programs and substitute a form for Life, we may get some of it done. But Life definitely accomplishes a lot more than form does. Individualism doesn’t work. Form, tradition, program and system work a little bit. Organic Life works miraculously better than either one of those two things.
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