A Woman's Beautiful Spirit


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speech bubble representing person 1 talking…the woman has that kind of relationship with the man where she has a sweet, honoring kind of spirit and is willing to ask the questions or perhaps use whatever gift she has to help the man see something he wouldn’t have otherwise seen. This would never be in some sort of over-the-top, bossy, pushy, nose-to-nose, head-to-head sort of way. Men and women are co-heirs, but they have different roles and different ways of relating to each other.

Where we live, if we were to be with the whole church, together like we are right now, what you would find is that the brothers are not exclusively the only ones to be teaching or responding. But you will notice a distinct difference in “how” a man will present something, versus how a female might.

A woman might say, “Would it be okay if I share something right now?” And she’d look at her husband and she would look at the other men who are there and say, “Would it be okay if I shared something? And what I’m going to say might sound a little bit hard, but just understand my heart is that I’m not in any way trying to come over the top of anybody.” She may not say all that, but it will be clear in how she carries herself that she wants to honor Jesus by using her gift, but she does not in any way want to dishonor any of the men or her husband by being over-the-top and pushy.

Regardless, if the five strongest people out of dozens and dozens all happen to be females, they would still carry themselves in humility and a certain graciousness, even if their gifts far exceeded all the men’s gifts. They would still be submissive in what they would say and do and how they were to share what they share.

It’s not this head-to-head “I’m a co-heir so therefore, I can just say and do what I want.” They know that God has put them in a position where woman came from man, not man coming from woman. Now men, you remember that He said you were born of a woman. But, man did not originate from woman, but the woman came from man. God created the order in such a way that we need to respect that in how we relate to each other.

Now as far as I know and being unbiased, we have some of the most wonderfully gifted women in the world in the church there. They will all carry themselves with humility and submissiveness. They’ll use their gift, but not in any way that would ever be construed as competitive, overbearing, pushy, bossy or yak yak yak. They wouldn’t dominate the time and they wouldn’t dominate the Spirit of the time with how they carry themselves. Though their gifts come out in an extremely useful way, they don’t carry themselves in such a way that they draw attention to themselves and dominate men.

Jesus said to the centurion that those with the most faith will know how to be under authority. So the deeper our faith and the deeper our gift and relationship with God is, the more we’ll realize how to be submissive. It’s a direct correlation. An un-submissive person doesn’t know God very well. The greatest faith in all of Israel was the centurion who knew how to be under authority. Then he was able to be trusted with authority because he knew how to be under authority.

Jesus was the Ultimate example of “under authority” right? He didn’t say one word in His whole lifetime He didn’t have permission to say, according to scripture. He did nothing He didn’t see the Father doing. The ultimate in submissiveness was Jesus, “Not My will, but Yours be done.” His will wasn’t even to die on the cross. He prayed that the cup would pass and then said, “My will is that the cup pass.” Otherwise He could not have said, “Not My will, but Yours be done.” If His will was the same as the Father’s, He could never have said that.

So the point is that the deeper relationship we have with God, the more submissiveness we have, and the more useful our gift is, the more we’ll know how to be under authority to use our gifts without in any way dominating people with those gifts.

Our females are very active. They are spectacular. They’re not ornaments sitting on a shelf. They are warriors for Jesus and are very effective warriors for Jesus, but they do it with such a grace that it’s almost mind-boggling. “How did you just change my life in five minutes and I never once even noticed that you were doing it?” That’s the beautiful spirit of a woman and how God uses the gifts that are in a woman’s life to affect the life of the Church. It just doesn’t draw attention to itself, but it’s very powerful and very effective.

That’s how our women are. It doesn’t come naturally! The Eve spirit wants to dominate and fix everything. “We want to share our gifts and if we don’t like how things are going we’re just going to fix it.” That’s the Eve spirit. But the Spirit of Jesus in a female is a spectacularly creative thing. It’s like the Greek saying, “The man is the head, but the woman is the neck.” :)

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