Compromise Never Wins a Soul for Jesus


speech bubble representing person 1 talkingWhen Jesus was born and started to share the Word of God, His plans were not accepted. Even as the Savior and Messiah, Jesus was not accepted by His own flesh and blood, His own clans. So that is a question in my mind. I pray and pray that He will give me more wisdom and more authority for this work of His, because I believe that He is the leader. I am not the leader. He is the very best leader, the greatest leader.

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingJesus prophesied that He didn’t come to bring peace but a sword and to set a daughter against mother and a father against son, and a daughter-in-law against mother-in-law (Mat. 10:34). Jesus said it would happen sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we stop or back down. We carry on and perhaps eventually things will change. We have to go forward even if something happens in the biological family where there is separation. We can’t turn back and we can’t hold back. We just have to keep going and trust God.

We have seen these things happen many times in the twenty years we have lived as the Family of God, instead of “attending” something. Difficult situations have come up even between husbands and wives. It has happened that one of the spouses is deeply in love with Jesus and wants to serve Him with all of their heart. The other one wants to compromise and doesn’t want to go forward. But they still love each other, and the man as a lover of Jesus, still helps her. But he refuses to be a lukewarm Christian just because she wants to hold back. It will have friction and is a difficult and heartbreaking thing. He won’t become lukewarm, which Jesus vomits out of His mouth, simply because she doesn’t want to be passionate. He knows that if he were to compromise then they both will be in trouble with God. Jesus said there would be divisions and separations at times, even in a man’s own house.

If he doesn’t compromise and look back like Lot’s wife, it can still take years for his wife to be won over. Or maybe it won’t happen at all, but he can remain faithful to Jesus, not compromising and not putting his hand to the plow and looking back. It creates some separation or division like Jesus said would happen, but eventually she may have enough respect for the fact that he will not compromise. It could happen that even though the wife tried to get him to compromise, and she tried to get him to slow down and quit, he remained faithful. She tried to make him do it her way, but he kept his eyes on Jesus, and now she finally believes there is a God. He would not turn back even though she tried to torture, control, manipulate, blackmail, accuse and withhold from him and drag him down. She did everything she could to make him turn his eyes away from God…and he would not. Finally she says, “Therefore I believe that your God is the True God.”

Sometimes it takes years, but compromise never wins a soul for Jesus. Sometimes there must be division in order to win someone else’s heart who just wouldn’t ever have believed if the other person did compromise. It hurts and there is heartbreak, but Jesus said it would be that way, “I came not to bring peace but a sword.” Even in one’s own household, sometimes there will be difficulty like that.
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