Giving Our Lives


speech bubble representing person 1 talkingThank you so much for being here. We enjoyed your presence—God’s presence in you. God has given me children and families in school. I just want to give my heart and show these things to these children. God has impressed me to live the Word of God joyfully both in relationship with God and eventually in relationships with the people around me, especially the children and the families.

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingWe just want to extend our gratitude especially to God and to all of you. We realize right now that the most important thing in the Church is not so much in activities or ritual, but the main focus of Christianity is intimacy, and the making of relationships, like the building up of a ladder. We are very familiar with activities in the church but we need a transformation of relationships.

Relationship-building means I must give myself to other people or be involved in their lives. It is not just teaching the Word to them, but we must involve our lives with them, in their problems. I have many problems too! But their dreams must be my dreams, and their problems must be my problems. That’s the real sense of Christianity. Not just saying the words, but giving my life to them.
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