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speech bubble representing person 5 talkingI remember when I was young, people would say, “Oh, he will grow up to be someone great. He will grow up to be a pastor or something like that.” I heard those things, but there was no intimate fellowship or loving of one another. I’m saying this because of some of those who are my closest friends now, who are here. I have known them since I was small but it wasn’t until the Lord brought us together that we had fellowship. We got to the point where we could talk with each other. We could say, “Let’s eat lunch together” and we could talk about everything. We could talk about my sins or confess some disloyalty in our family. When I go to their homes and they are having a meal, I don’t have to ask for permission to eat. One time at a brother’s house I was asked, “Do you live here?” It was because that brother is one of my fathers that the Lord has given me.

speech bubble representing person 4 talkingRight!

speech bubble representing person 5 talkingSo when I go to their house it’s just like I live there. I go there and they are having a meal and I sit down and eat. That’s how the Lord has really transformed my life over the years and brought us into close fellowship. I know I could go to their house and if they are having lunch or dinner, they would ask me if I want to eat—they would put a plate there and I would eat.

When I was sick and over-fatigued, Jimmy here says, “Let me go over to Mark’s house and get some plants that will relieve you.” It’s just like that. I can go there anytime and when I go I’ll pray for you. I will praise the Lord for the way He has brought our relationships to that point. I’ve known them almost all of my life and we look after each other. At first there was some distance between us, but when the Lord brought us to the fellowship and the love for one another, it really transformed me.

We have been talking about loving one another and about fellowship and I have seen the transformation. I have seen the change that it has done to my life. I embrace the Lord for that kind of work that He has done in our life and would like to see that happen more.

I really see the difference in attending a service and pretending to be so spiritual, yet after you leave the meeting you do whatever you want to do, and live your own life. With a relationship where the brother knows who I am, I don’t have to pretend. When we meet I don’t pretend. I am part of the church and they know everything about me. They know everything about my life and even about my mind. So, it’s just a testimonial about how the Lord has changed my life and brought me into a relationship, a real fellowship and brotherly love with my friends here.


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