Family Responds Out of Relationship


speech bubble representing person 1 talkingIn a family you still need leadership though, right? My family responds to me not because of my title, but because of the relationship we have. So if we needed to, as a family we could plan for a project. My family is not an organization, but we would still need to organize ourselves for a particular project.

I believe we could do the same thing in a network of 10 or 20 churches where the relationships between the believers are horizontal with no hierarchy. I believe we could bring ourselves together not just as individual groups, but as a number of groups working together. For example, we could organize ourselves to do something for the victims of the tsunami.

We can organize ourselves for a particular task without necessarily transforming the movement into an organization. We can still maintain its organic nature. I’m doing a lot of reflection and study on house church and being organic, and somehow there seems to be a negative reaction to anything that has any semblance of organization to it. But I believe and I think you also agree that we have to organize ourselves for a particular task or project.

I think that takes leadership and initiative. I believe Christians can do that with a servant’s heart without tapping people down or being bureaucratic or hierarchical. I’m just trying to say we can organize ourselves for a particular task, but maintain the organic nature of the church.
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