Let the First One Sit Down


speech bubble representing person 3 talkingOn the other hand, when we are together, every single person needs the opportunity to use the gift they have. Now, that’s one place that the modern “church” has really messed things up. God said, “When revelation comes to the second, let the first one sit down.” You are familiar with that verse in 1 Corinthians 14? Is that a new verse to anybody in this room? 1 Corinthians 14: “When revelation comes to the second, let the first one sit down.” Everybody knows that verse, right? Let’s never ever be in a room again, whether it’s a great big room, or a little house, or a little restaurant, let’s never ever enter another room where we disobey that verse. Because that’s JESUS we’re submitting to.

If revelation comes to the second one, the first should shut up and sit down! I don’t care what your gift is. I have a gift, I acknowledge that. Like Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15, I’m the chief of sinners, the least of the saints, but God did do something out of His mercy and grace, so I’m going to try to work harder than all the rest because I don’t want His gifts and grace to me to be in vain. I’m going to try to work as hard as I can with whatever it is He gave me. Okay? But everybody needs to do that, which means when revelation comes to the second one, let the first one sit down. That’s why I can be quiet for three hours or three weeks in Indianapolis, because what I want to see is God’s bringing forth anointing in whatever gift whoever has. So I’m going to shut up when revelation comes!

It’s not about trying to get more people involved. It’s about trying to get more people to be obedient to that still, small voice. That’s different. The “home church movement” wants everyone to be involved—the more “participation” the better. That’s when you get the pooling of ignorance. There’s a whole chapter in that yellow book about “let’s see if we can get a whole lot of people who don’t know God very well to say a lot of things and mess everybody up.” Well, we don’t need that. Nobody needs that.

So, it’s not about trying to get more involvement. It’s about trying to get everyone to learn how to obey Jesus in their personal lives and relationships, and then to obey Jesus in situations where there are a number of saints. To obey that still, small voice.

“Well, I’m afraid if I say something I might sound silly.” Well, repent of your pride and say it anyway. “Well, I’m afraid somebody might get mad at me because it’s out of turn.” Take a chance, brother! Take a chance. If it is out of turn, then be correctable. Let someone tap you on the shoulder and say, “Shhh, save that for a little later. We’re not doing that right now.” Be willing to be correctable, to be soft, but have the courage to let God use what God has done in you.

Now, who in here has the most Jesus inside of them? Raise your hand. “The Lord thy God is still one God,” brothers and sisters. I don’t have more Jesus than you, and you don’t have more Jesus than I do. You either have Jesus or you don’t. He’s a person. A person. He’s not a magic elixir that you drink some of, and if you want more you drink more of, so that you have more and more Jesus. Now if I’m selfish, prideful or lazy, I have sin that gets in the way of Jesus expressing Himself.

If I am entertained with the world and sell my affections to computers, my job, or even my biological family, where they own all my affections and I’m not seeking first the Kingdom anymore, then I’ve sold my ability to be used by God. I don’t have less of Jesus. He’s a person. But what I have done is I’ve grieved the Spirit, I’ve quenched the Spirit, and I’ve put out the Spirit’s fire, so He can’t use me very much.

So in daily relationship, we help each other get rid of sin. We help encourage and teach each other. We help each other pull the weeds of the cares, concerns and deceptive riches of the world. We help each other pull the weeds, because we all want that if we belong to Jesus. So if I help you pull your weeds, and you help me pull mine, and if you use your gift in my life, and I use mine in yours everyday, then Jesus wells up more and more and more. All of a sudden the Church is on fire with the Life of God, but it wasn’t about a house versus a big building. It wasn’t about “everybody participating.” It was about us getting rid of the weeds, fanning into flame the fire, from person to person to person, and lo and behold the gifts manifest themselves. And now, when you’re together, revelation comes from the second and the first one sits down because his life belongs to God, he’s passionate about God, and his gift is manifesting itself. It’s not just someone who wants to talk or wants to participate.

So, because I’ve been involved in a brother’s life every day, and this brother has been involved in my life every day, now when he says something when the whole church is together in the context of 1 Corinthians 14, you can trust that what’s coming forth is the product of our daily life with one another. And you can trust that the weeds of his self-life are being pulled out and the flame of his Jesus life is being fanned into flame every day.

And now when revelation comes to the second, it’s probably not going to be something really destructive or foolish or a false doctrine. When was the last time, Scott, in fifteen years, that you heard some ugly false doctrine or something really stupid be said? Something that was going to be divisive or harmful or just unbiblical?

speech bubble representing person 4 talkingNever.

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingIn fifteen years it has never happened, even though everybody has the liberty to speak at any given moment in time. Every single person from the least to the greatest has that liberty, from minute one until we’re all gone. Yet none of those really ugly things have happened in fifteen years. Now I stopped at fifteen instead of twenty, because it took us five years to learn this. We had five years where it was kind of hard because we didn’t have anyone to talk to and ask about it. We couldn’t call Barnabas or Paul or Silas. We didn’t know anyone who was walking in these things, so we made some mistakes for our first five years, and even into the tenth year. We were still learning (and we still are, of course), but we made some obvious, dumb mistakes in our first few years as we were trying to learn the things we’re talking about.


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