A Sister Shares a Song (Chichewa)


speech bubble representing person 2 talkingIf you can allow me, I want to sing a song to the Lord. The song is just an image of every word that has been given to us today. All these words about Jesus need to be in us. Would you help me sing this song? It is about how the enemy would have prevailed if the Lord had not been on our side.

Everyone singing

speech bubble representing person 4 talkingOn behalf of the whole assembly here, I would just like to say something. If you all had come here to us when we invited you five years ago, I believe that it would not have had the impact that it is having now. Our expectation today is connected to what the Lord has been doing with us in those years. It is continued with that song which our dear sister has just given to the Church here.

We don’t have anything that we can give to the Lord that can equal what He has given to us. But we see with the people of Israel when the Lord came to them after 400 years of slavery. It took God to intervene and rescue the people of Israel. So if it were just the brothers visiting whenever we wanted it, it would not be like the response here today. God has been very patient with His people here. So I want to encourage everyone to practice in heart all of these things that we have heard.

The passion you have shown to us is the same as in other times. But I know for sure that this visit here has made an impact on our lives. I know for sure we are going to extend this back to the Lord. The intention of the enemy of the Cross was that all of us today would not be here in this room. But Yeshua accepted the prayers of many saints, and that’s why we are here today in this one room.

So that’s what I think we all wanted to say. Thank you for visiting us. I just want to see the Gospel proclaimed all over the world for the second coming of our Lord Jesus. The light of this Truth is not going to stop and is something that is going to continue.


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