Serving Everyday as a Priest of God


speech bubble representing person 4 talkingHere is an interesting point though. When people in the world talk about the role of women and men in the church, they are almost always talking about their role in the assembly. Yet we are gathered as an assembly maybe only 5% of the time. Hardly anyone ever asks, “What is the role of the women during the other 95% of the time?” For that matter, hardly anyone asks, “What is the role of men during the other 95% of the time?”

Let’s think about what we said this morning. In the New Covenant, there is no one “holy man” except for Jesus Christ. He said, “All authority has been given to Me.” That’s why we don’t call one another by titles or organize ourselves into hierarchies. Instead, each person is a priest of God because each person has Jesus living inside of them. In the New Covenant we don’t have one special “holy day.” The Christian’s “holy day” is not Saturday and it is not Sunday. In the book of Acts, it says they met together daily in their homes. The Christian’s holy day is always today.

If you have Jesus living inside of you, every day of every week of every year is a holy day. We also don’t have one special “holy place.” We don’t have a temple made of bricks or stone because we are the temple; the church is the temple. Together we are being built into a place where God can have a home. So we are all priests of God, and we all serve in the temple of the body of Christ, and we all serve every day of our lives.

We need to make this practical and ask ourselves, “What does this mean for our lives?” Whether it is for a woman or a man, what does it mean? Well if I am a priest of God, it means that I am concerned about the spiritual life of other people. I want to pray for them and encourage them with the Word of God. I want to help them have a soft heart toward God and help them overcome their sins.

Because we are all priests of God, I want to open up my life to others, and they want to do the same with me. Because every day is holy, I want to do this every single day. As we’ve said before, “Encourage one another daily, as long as it is called ‘today.’” If we do that, then no one will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. So every day that I live my life, whether we are having a meeting or not, I am serving as a priest of God within the body of Christ.

Suppose I need to go on an errand. I need to have my bicycle repaired and a certain man in town can repair the bicycle. I decide to take it to him and while I could go by myself, I could decide to take my brother with me. If we do this together, we can talk about our lives on the way.

Or suppose two sisters decide to go to the market together. It doesn’t matter what day it is, they can care about each other during the time they are together. They can talk about things that are important to them. They can help each other with raising the children or with how they might better love their husbands. They can share their hearts with one another.

Suppose there are two families that live in the same village, and they decide to have a meal together. Maybe they also share a song together or something from the Word of God that was very important to them. Or maybe today I had a difficult time at my job and was very angry with someone. Because my brothers are priests of God, I can go to them and talk about my day. I can take some time at lunch to talk with them. They pray for me and encourage me. They’re being priests of God.

So for the 95% of the time that we are not together in an assembly, both the men and the women are being priests of God, if the church is living the way it should be. That is the most important thing: daily life. That is how all of us will grow up together into the Head, Jesus Christ. Do you want that? That is what I want, too.

Each day it takes decisions to live my life with brothers and sisters. Each day it takes decisions to live my life in humility and honesty with others and to care about their needs and not just my own. That is the role of men and women in the Kingdom of God, day by day by day. Does that make sense?
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