God's Culture

Leaders' Meeting Ten

Those who have been born a second time are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Some aspects of our culture conflict with God's culture, but we must be loyal to the culture of the Kingdom of God. To survive and flourish in the Kingdom of Heaven, we need to understand its principles. We are to serve as priests every day in God's Kingdom.


  1. The Role of Women in the Culture of the Kingdom
  2. Serving Everyday as a Priest of God
  3. A Question
  4. Jesus Submitted His Will to the Father's Will
  5. A More Important Question About Parables
  6. Choose to Draw Closer
  7. Principles of the Kingdom
  8. Chichewa Song
  9. Life is Shared, Not Taught
  10. A Message of Opportunity
  11. We Are Very Thankful
  12. We Carry You in Our Hearts


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