Times of Refreshing Come From Repentance


speech bubble representing person 1 talkingWe have had some separations and we have tried here and there to bring brothers together, to have reconciliation. But the church here is divided. There have been problems, and we are not together, here, in the church. That is our concern.

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingWe appreciate your hearts and that you want to resolve this. It’s precious to Jesus for there to be unity among His people. Unity not based on compromise, but based on love and understanding. And we can say with great confidence that these problems can be resolved.

Paul said that sometimes there would have to be differences among you, so that it can be seen clearly who is approved of God. That’s a strange thing for Paul to say, but it’s important to us today. Issues that are based on misunderstanding, but where there are good hearts, can all be resolved. Misunderstandings that are based on flesh without repentance—those issues may not be able to be resolved.

In Paul’s day there were issues that weren’t resolved with Alexander the metalworker or Diotrephes who loved to be first. Paul spoke of Jannes and Jambres and men in his day that were like Balaam and Korah. Jude, in the New Testament, spoke of Balaam who loved money, Korah who loved to act powerfully, and Cain who hated his brother. Those are problems that can’t be solved by talking.

But if everyone is sincere, and it’s only a matter of lack of understanding, and confusion, then God can raise us up to See the issues and resolve them. Acts 3 speaks of times of refreshing that come from repentance. I think we all need refreshing right now. So where do we start? What would you like to speak about? What are the questions that we can answer to help unlock these locked doors?


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