A Beautiful Bride


speech bubble representing person 2 talkingWow! The work, the Holy Ghost has to work in us! What a job! To be equal yoke to HIM! Christ! Complete, Mature, becoming more like Him in everything! I am far from Him. This is the first thing I thought—“Whew. Lord, do it. Thank You. Help me to obey more.”

Christ is looking for a Bride like Himself. That’s just a very simple way to say it. She has got to look like Him character-wise. The yoke must not be unequal, but she must be equal. Christ cannot come up to His Father and say, “Sorry, Dad, where is my Bride?”


“But I cannot marry that woman! How can I marry an immature, foolish, disobedient wife?”

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingWell, that’s where that “invisible church” false doctrine comes in. “It’s an invisible church. It’s positional.” It’s all about the position. “God just pretends it’s an equal yoke. It doesn’t look at all like an equal yoke, but from God’s vantage point it’s been clothed in Christ.” It’s all about position.

Well, Jesus didn’t say, “Positionally, greater works than these shall you do.” He said, “Greater works than these shall my Bride do.” That’s the real thing—a real equal yoke. Not just make-believe, “I’ll just close my eyes and pretend she’s an equal yoke.” Jesus is smarter than that.

speech bubble representing person 2 talkingExactly like that. It’s true. I used to read these types of “positional” books. Somewhere along the line we realized it’s not that. It’s just good to be back now with people being prepared as One and walking in the anointing. “No anointing, no growth.” Sparks did say that. The condition for us to grow is to be kept in the Spirit.


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