Rocks Don't Crave Milk


speech bubble representing person 2 talkingOne thing he brought out is that some people in this country call themselves born again Christians who are not. Just because someone pastes that label on themselves doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. I like what was said about knowing if a person is twice-born by the fruit of their lives.

Another thing we have to deal with is all the “doctrines” we have inherited which aren’t even in the Bible. We live in a society here in this country with so many people who wrongly believe they are following the Bible, but have very little or no knowledge of what it actually says. People believe they are born again without even knowing what that means. People believe they are disciples of Christ without knowing Christ.

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingIt’s kind of funny that whatever country we are from, we tend to think that ours is the only one with that problem. A few minutes ago we started to discuss a maximum security penitentiary and the true men of God we visited there who are serving life sentences for something they did 30 years ago. They are radically born again, full of the Holy Spirit, full of grace and wisdom, truth and strength and conviction about dealing with sin…

speech bubble representing person 2 talkingAmen!

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingSome beautiful men of God are in this penitentiary and have been for 30 years. They think it’s only in the prison where people pretend to be Christians and call themselves born again who really aren’t. They think if you go over the wall, across the barbed wire, and past all the men with machine guns, that people outside don’t pretend to be Christians. The brothers in there think that out here where we are, there is no such thing as a person who pretends to be a Christian and lives in sin without any conscience about it whatsoever.

We assured them that in any place you want to name, whether it’s in Asia, the United States, or in South America, it’s the same everywhere. Jesus said, “Few will be those who find it.” “Many will say on that day, ‘Lord, Lord.’” Many. The road that leads to destruction is broad with people who say, “Lord, Lord.” (Matthew 7:12-14, 21)

Every generation has seen that problem. In every country we’ve been to, it is a very common thing for many, many people to claim to be Christians who aren’t. If we have built around an attendance-based organization, whether it’s small houses or big buildings, we can’t tell the difference between true Christians and those who pretend—because it’s attendance-based.

speech bubble representing person 5 talkingRight.

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingYou will be guessing and come across as judgmental and legalistic if you start pointing fingers at people in an attendance-based environment. But if you walk with them as you rise up, as you sit down, as you walk along the way, then you begin to see firsthand if the spirit of the world is in them, or if they have sinful attitudes or if they don’t love the light. Jesus said, “This is the verdict: some love the light, others hate the light” (John 3:19-21). Some want their deeds exposed because they know they need help. They know they’re not perfect, and they want the Word of God. Like a newborn baby, they crave the pure spiritual milk of the Word (1 Peter 2:2). A rock does not crave milk but a baby does.

If you begin to have a relationship with someone on a daily basis and they don’t care about the Word of God, they’re like a rock that could care less. They’re not like a baby craving milk. You try to give them the Word and it just runs right off of them. In that case there’s a good chance that person is not saved. You can begin to say that perhaps they’re not a member of the church, of the Ekklesia. They’re not a member of the Body of Christ. You bring two or three witnesses and tell the church, and if they still don’t want help, you perhaps need to say goodbye to them. You would never be able to do that in an attendance-based environment. You’d never know who belongs to God and who doesn’t because everybody looks spiritual on Sunday.

That’s just how it is. In the United States, surveys say that 80%—that’s eight out of ten—Americans claim to be born again. Yet Jesus said, “Few will be those who find it.” And He said you will know them by their fruit (Matt. 7:20). In that case we’re pretty sure eight out of ten Americans are not Christians!

The President claims to be a Christian, but we wonder about him because of the many contradictions in his life and conversion. Profanity comes out of his mouth when he thinks the camera is turned off. Things like that happen all the time. Not everyone who claims to be a Christian is one, even if they have a great “testimony.” Anybody can tell a story, but what about a person who lives as if the God who created the universe lives inside of them? That is something men can’t fake day in and day out.

Anybody can say things. Jesus said many will say the words: “Lord, Lord.” And He will say, “Depart from Me, I never knew you. You were never one of Mine. You were never part of My church.” So yes, there is a lot of fake stuff out there and we’ll never know the difference unless we’re a Family.

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