Don't Doubt Jesus


speech bubble representing person 1 talkingYou just come to be part of that Family. And the living Jesus comes to the place. And He’s got a song. And all of us together will know that it’s Jesus behind that song. And there will be a brother there who, from that very song, will have a Revelation. That’s what Paul was saying in I Corinthians 14:26. “What should you do then, brothers? When you gather, each one has a song, has a prophecy, has a revelation,” or has a petition or something else to give. These things should be done for the edification of the church. They are not saying maybe a deacon will have a song. They are not saying a “pastor” will have Revelation. They are not saying the “Master of Ceremonies” will have a petition. They are saying, “Each of you, from the least to the greatest.”

So everyone will come to where the Family is together. You can come and be a key part, because Jesus can use you. Jesus can start a meeting. Jesus can end a meeting. I will not “start a meeting” because I’m only part of the body. My hand does not do anything on its own. It is just part of the body. For it to move, there are supposed to be some motor impulses going around my body. The brain will do something. There must be a correspondence, a reaction from the impulses in my body from the brain.

That’s why Jesus will not miss even a single meeting of the Family. It can be very cold when Jesus is not there. Things can be blocking true Life. People can scream. People can jump. They can do anything when there is no Head. When you leave your children in your home without giving any instructions, they let the cups break, and they throw the pieces wherever they can. But when you are there, it will be controlled. Nothing will be broken. As the head of that family you can manage. So whenever we come together, we should not be afraid that Jesus won’t come.

We come to a meeting and feel concerned, perhaps. The meeting, what’s happening? So you start becoming afraid, especially those who always speak. And that can be a time when there can be a lot of pooling of ignorance. You just try to fill the gap, because everyone is quiet. It feels like the silence is too long. Let us sing a song. But in truth, it’s not a question of breaking the silence. It is a question of allowing Jesus to plan the meeting. The Lord can say it is right to call that meeting off. The Lord may decide that the meeting should not work, then you can tell each other that it looks like maybe it’s not right anyway. Let’s go home until some other time. It cannot happen anyway unless you are a family.

When I am in my home, I can tell Chris and the children that I don’t feel like discussing something. Let’s do it another time. Maybe someone could doubt this decision. But you cannot doubt Jesus. He’s never wrong. He’s always right. If Jesus doesn’t want us to meet that day, don’t doubt Him. Jesus is doing it. The “Master of Ceremonies” can take the place of Jesus. Where Jesus wants to teach, the “Master of Ceremonies” is trying to stand to speak. When Jesus wants to heal the sick, then the “Master of Ceremonies” says, “No, this is the time to begin.” So there is a conflict of interest between Jesus and the “Master of Ceremonies.” And that thing makes Jesus leave. That’s not how it is supposed to be.
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