We Are Very Thankful


speech bubble representing person 1 talkingOur brothers that came to be with us will be leaving us tomorrow. We believe that wherever we go from this place it will be good and God’s will will be done. We wish very much that they would stay for another week or so. Their families and others need them though, so we will allow them to go just because of that.

As their brothers we are not ready for them to go away. Elisha did not want to let Elijah go either, because there was love, and he wanted to be around him. We are accepting that they are going, but it is not what we feel inside. It is not what we want but what God wants. So tomorrow they will be on their way to where they are going. We will pray for them. If you want to say anything or give anything to them, then we can.

speech bubble representing person 2 talkingI am very thankful for everything. I just arrived with some others yesterday. We missed coming sooner, and then it happened that we could come be with the Family of God. We have a very big joy! I want to thank God because He has protected us all the way from across the border to come here.

We are very thankful to God for what He is doing with the Family of God. We see that these are very good things in the sight of the Lord. This morning we were with the other people here, and we know for sure that the Love of the Lord is upon them. We are having a joy for all these things happening. We have learned something—that it is not only the people in our country that are on the way of this long Journey. We are thanking God for one another and that we have brothers who are expressing His Life. God may bless you.

speech bubble representing person 6 talkingPraise the Lord. I’m very happy to be here for the first time. We have never been across the border, but because of the love of the Lord we are here. We are so happy to know we have brothers all over the world. God bless you. Amen.


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