Principles of the Kingdom


speech bubble representing person 2 talkingAnd we can see and draw close to Jesus through His Body. I and you and my brothers and my sisters are His Body. It is God’s will that we are so much knitted together that we are one in the Lord. We are to love each other, help each other and care for each other. We are to confess our sins to one another. We are brothers and sisters to each other. That is the Body of Christ, and when I see the Body of Christ in operation I am seeing Jesus. Amen.

speech bubble representing person 3 talkingI want to reiterate what Joshua is saying about the importance of seeing Jesus in His Body and make it a little more practical.

John said that if we say that we love God whom we can’t see, but we don’t love our brother whom we can see, we are a liar (1John 4:20). If I claim that I love Jesus and I claim that I want to be very close to Jesus, but I don’t make daily choices to be very close to my brothers and sisters, then according to the Word of God, I’m a liar. If I claim that I need Jesus, but I don’t act like I need you, my brothers and sisters, then I must not really need Jesus.

Where does Jesus live? Does He live only in meetings? He lives inside of people. Jesus lives inside of every person who has given himself to Him! So for me to draw near to Jesus and to need Jesus, means that I need to draw near to you and I need you.

Dan was talking earlier about the culture of the Kingdom. In the Kingdom of Heaven there are principles just like within a country’s culture, there are laws. In the physical world, it is very important to understand how the law of gravity works, so that you know not to walk off a cliff, right? Likewise if we want to survive and flourish in the Kingdom of Heaven there are principles to understand.

If God told us to stand in the sunlight every day for 20 minutes so that we wouldn’t get sick, would we do that? That wouldn’t be hard to do. He didn’t tell us to do that, but He did say that if we build our lives together, and encourage each other every day, we won’t be hardened and deceived by sin. That’s a law or a principle of the Kingdom. If we choose to put that into practice because we want to draw near to Jesus and have a pure life and be a useful vessel for Him, He promises that we’ll get there. It is a law of the Kingdom and a promise. If I choose to value daily relationships, Jesus will meet me there. Jesus will change me, protect me and help me grow.

So if I want to be near Jesus, what should I do? I get near those who have Jesus inside. Like John said, whatever I want from the Jesus I cannot see and whatever I believe about my relationship with God whom I cannot see, I put that into practice with people that I can see. Amen?
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