Life is Shared, Not Taught


speech bubble representing person 1 talkingFather, we are dead to this world and want to Live unto You. Father, peek into our souls and never leave us. You have guided us and You will help us with anything that would come. You’ve given us answers and shown us which way to go. You love us and You care so much. Father, we believe that You are watching us and will be there to walk beside us and help us with whatever is inside of us until we grow. We thank You, Holy Spirit, for being there for us and for making us understand. We worship, we adore, and we magnify You.

Jesus, we lift Your Name so high. You gave Your Spirit up for us. You denied your very own life just for the sake of us. You gave us Your death on the cross. You made us Your Kingdom in this generation. Thank You so much that we are bought with Your Blood that is shed for all generations. Thank You for this Covenant.

Thank You Jesus, for our children and for letting us live and for promising to come back for us. We are always looking forward and You are not like a man that You can lie. You are always true and we worship You. Thank You for the generous time here. We will not go out of this room in the way that we came in. There will be a change with whatever You teach us, Lord. Amen.

speech bubble representing person 2 talkingWhatever the Lord has done amongst us today, we must pray and try to understand what God means about all these things. In the prophecy of Isaiah, God said, “My Word that goes out from my mouth will not come back to Me empty” (Isaiah 55:11). Whatever God has spoken to us this day we should not be careless with it and not let go of it. We must hold on to whatever God says has much, much value. God said that whatever He has spoken, it will happen. God values His Will so much, that whatever He says carries a very serious weight to the ones who hear it.

Remember in the time of Noah? God sent His word, but the people didn’t respond. They were marrying and were given in marriage and drinking and eating. They didn’t listen. But Noah and his family harkened to whatever God said. They prepared the ark because God had spoken.

So today God has spoken too. And if God has spoken, we must not be careless or we will pay a very, very big price. I still remember what was said some years ago here in this room. If you will be careless, you will pay a very, very big price. It’s up to you what you will do.

Whatever has been happening in this room today about sharing Life, we need to be very careful with it. These things are real. It is not some preaching that you can write down and then go teach it somewhere. Life is not taught; Life is shared.

Paul said he planted the seed. When the seeds are planted, we must care and watch over the seed and be very careful with them. We are foolish if we are carrying the seeds away and we do not care about them. We have the seeds and must decide. Whoever gets this seed will fall if they are not careful. That’s why the writer of the Hebrews said it is a bad thing to fall into the hands of God. So we need to value these things that we heard today. These things are very, very good and strong and are meant to be carried and bring change into our lives. Amen.
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