Jesus Submitted His Will to the Father's Will


speech bubble representing person 4 talkingI have a thought about the question, and if anyone else has some insight they might like to share, please do.

Why did Jesus have this conversation with His Father in the garden? Jesus knew all things including the suffering that was coming during the next 24 hours. He knew it would be very intense. He knew it wasn’t only the physical suffering but the suffering of taking the sins of the whole world upon Himself. For the first and only time in His existence, He would be separated from His Father. That would be a terrible, terrible price, and the thought of it made Him sweat drops like blood. He would rather have done something different. But the most important thing to Him was to submit His own will to His Father’s will. He wrestled in prayer until He knew He had fully accepted His Father’s will.

The scriptures say He learned obedience through the things He suffered. He set for us an example in that way. None of us have to sacrifice our lives for the forgiveness of sins for other people. But do we have a cross to bear? Do we need to give up our lives? The Bible says we do.

We need to take up our cross daily and this is very related to what we were just talking about. To live as a priest of God is sometimes a painful and costly thing. It means making decisions to deny myself for the good of someone else. Jesus showed us how to submit our will to the Father and give up our lives. As He did for us, we need to do for one another. We need to live our lives daily with a willingness to serve and love and help our brothers and sisters. When we live our lives this way, we are following Jesus’ example.
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