Choose to Draw Closer


speech bubble representing person 1 talkingI have an example of something that happened way back in the time of Moses, when God did something that was confusing to understand. Moses at one time saw a burning bush and he decided to draw closer to that burning bush. He didn’t choose to stay away from the burning bush even though it was strange to him. He could see that God was there. Even though he had never seen a green bush burning in the whole of his life, and he couldn’t understand it, he had to draw closer.

So if anything is strange to you, you need to draw closer. Yesterday we said that God’s Word is like a warm fire that is burning. When it is cold outside, everyone needs to be very close to that fire. We need to get the Word into our lives. It is just like with Moses when he saw the bush burning. It was strange to him and he had no answers, but he had to get closer. It is like that with us too. Jesus always brings surprises into our lives, and that is when we must grow closer to Him.

Remember when the men were walking on the road to Emmaus? They were walking side by side with the Lord but they did not recognize Him. They did not understand what had happened in Jerusalem in those days. They did not believe that Jesus was alive just like the prophets foretold. Maybe they believed the lies that Jesus’ body was stolen from the grave. Even though they did not recognize Him, they listened and were ready to accept everything Jesus said.

So when something happens in our lives that we do not understand, do we believe the lies? With anything that happens, you can come to Him very, very straight and find out. When you bring your life closer to Him, you will discover what Jesus wants to show you.

When those two men on the road to Emmaus invited Jesus in and He was breaking the bread and eating with them at the table that is when they knew who He was. God was close to them.

If you don’t draw your life close to Jesus, the Kingdom of God will be strange to you. The Bible says you must never be bitter in this household of God. You must stay very far from that place. If you do not understand something, draw closer to God’s people not farther away. Keep on reading in the Bible and spending more time with Jesus. Draw closer to Him. Then it will be very safe for you.

We all need to try to understand things in a more clear way. Sometimes we need help to understand things in a more clear way. We can get closer to people and begin to see. Jesus is running the Kingdom and He knows everything in that Kingdom. He knows those things in a very simple way and will help us with each other. When He is looking at us, He knows anything that is happening to us. He can unfold to us what He knows. So we should draw so close to Jesus.

When you grow so close to Jesus, even the most difficult parable can be explained to you. He said, “Draw near to Me and I will show you a thing that the eyes have never seen before. I will tell you what ears have never heard.” Grow closer to Him. Moses went closer to that burning bush, and he beheld the Voice of God in that burning bush. It was the dream and the desire of Moses to grow closer.

If you see something that you think is strange in the Kingdom of the Lord, that is the opportunity to draw closer. We must humble ourselves. Take off your shoes. Take off your pride. Take off your ambitions. Then God will start speaking into your life.

If you stay afar, you will have a lot of questions about the Kingdom Life. God said, “Come, let us reason together” (Isaiah 1:18). Draw closer and come. God wants to give freely. He said, “Come, buy and eat, you who have no money” (Isaiah 55:1). So we are supposed to go. The issue is, “Come.” If I don’t come and instead just stand here, then my guilt will be with me. My weakness will be with me. My pride will be with me because I’m far from the Light. I’m far from the burning bush.

If God is speaking over there away from me, I can try to listen to the voice but I’m still very far. If I draw near and God speaks I will get whatever He wants to say. Even when Samuel was being called in the night, He went to where the voice was coming from. If you don’t go to where the voice is coming from, and if you don’t go to where the bush is burning, then you shouldn’t expect to hear anything. If you do go though, you will be seeing things in real way and in a very glad way.
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