Melting Daddy's Heart


speech bubble representing person 3 talkingHere is a picture that will perhaps help merge together the thoughts these brothers mentioned. What is prayer but a lot of little children speaking to their daddy? Prayer is not meant to be a ritual or sacrament. Prayer is meant to be talking to our Daddy. The Spirit cries, “Abba! Father! Daddy!”

Bill spoke of prayer as being the overflow of our homes. If we wouldn’t pray together here in the same fresh way that we do with our children at home, then we’re probably missing something. It will be fresh and different every time. David spoke of two or three being together—or two or three hundred, or two or three thousand. Together they have more power in God’s sight than maybe just one alone. Mark spoke of having communication together in an orderly way that builds one another up and we all understand what is happening.

Now picture a daddy at home with five children. They all have something in mind that they would like daddy to do with them. Suppose one of his children comes up to him and says, “Daddy, can we go here?” or “Daddy, can we do this thing?” Daddy will consider it because he loves that child. But is there more power and persuasion towards daddy when all five children line up side by side and say, “Daddy, we would like to ask you something”? As a daddy, wouldn’t that melt your heart?

The children have talked together, and they all have one mind about this one thing they want to ask their daddy. They are orderly and sweet, and they speak out of love and are unified in a thought of something they would like daddy to do. These five children together are the apple of his eye, as they line up with the little girl in her beautiful dress and the boy with his best behavior. They all have a good heart and attitude, and they have been helping each other. Now they have one thought together and love toward their daddy. So they say together, “Daddy, can we please do this?” Or, “Can we please go there?” “Daddy, will you help us with this problem that we have?” I tell you that Father will listen. Daddy will listen to five beautiful children who are of one accord.

Now let me say this. Suppose five children come to their daddy at ten o’clock every Thursday morning to ask him something. They all line up in the same way every time and the same person speaks every time. “Ok, it’s ten o’clock. Let’s go talk to Daddy.” Guess what? Daddy is bored and is not paying attention any more because it didn’t come from a family. It didn’t come from a love and a fresh life. It came from a ritual, a form or from something to do, so Daddy wasn’t impressed anymore.

Or let’s say all five children come together, but they aren’t holding hands with clear edification and communication towards Daddy. They all run up to Daddy because it’s ten o’clock and they say, “Daddy—jibber-jabber—Daddy, Daddy—jibber jibber-jabber—Daddy—jibber-jabber.” He will not be impressed with a bunch of gibberish like that, will he? Daddy’s heart doesn’t melt if everyone is just saying and doing whatever they want.

Daddy’s heart melts when they have one heart and one love and one thing at a time that together their hearts are joined to. They may ask Him on a Tuesday or it might be a Saturday or Sunday. But it comes out of a fresh life of love every time and not out of something on the calendar or on the watch.

If we see corporate prayer as a lot of Daddy’s little children holding hands and looking Him in the eye, then we’ll know what to do. If that’s truly how we see it when our hearts come to Him, then we’ll know what to do. The vision of how Daddy sees us and how we see Daddy will free us, but it might be different each time. Can you see that picture of what these brothers have said and how it all fits together? Does it make sense?
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